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Who We Are

Affordable beauty for every wardrobe

Welcome to Ginger & Oak, a styling clothing business that keeps economic needs, modesty levels, religious beliefs, professional goals, and sustainability as our mission. We believe in helping clients find their personal style in an emotionally comfortable and supportive way.

Every Body is Uniquely Beautiful

Your wardrobe should make you feel special.

Every body is unique, and we want to support each client in finding what works for their body. The clothing industry is frustratingly inconsistent and overwhelming. You deserve to feel safe and comfortable in finding your own voice. 

Our services are for every human body, including

nursing, maternity, plus, petite, tall, short, curvy
as well as 
 those with religious guidelines,
those on a tight budget,

those with professional appearances,
those with eating disorders or poor body image,
those with special needs or shapes, 
those with health concerns. 

We also offer kids and men styling as desired. 


Recycling is at the heart of what we do. 

We use resale, thrift, and repurposing to make beautiful outfits affordable for every budget. We believe that beautiful things can be found anywhere and that fashion doesn't have to mean adding more, but creating from and supporting what's already there.

Our items will be packaged in compostable and biodegradable bags*. All our packaging is 100% recycled paper. 

*with the exception of "The Miniature" which uses 100% recyclable envelope.  


We care.

All our pieces are cleaned with the highest quality of hypoallergenic detergent, approved by the National Ezcema Association.


Our mailing products have soy ink. If this is an issue, please contact us to ship in alternative option.

Our jewelry is often not hypoallergenic due to thrifting; please reach out with any concerns.