Frequently asked questions

What is in my style box?

Your style box contains personalized items in your size and taste preferences. Each box will have a stated total price for each of your budgeting needs. With each of your items, the stylist will include styling tips for how to wear each new item within your own wardrobe.

Do you have maternity or nursing options?

Yes! Our goal is to personalize for each woman a wardrobe that truly meets their needs. We provide both maternity and nursing options for anyone who desires it. Our style parcel, titled "The Motherhood Parcel," is the best way to get your motherhood needs met.

After our stylist contacts you with our style quix, please make sure you mark "maternity" and/or "nursing" as one of your needs.

What sizes do you offer?

We offer all sizes in our styling parcels, and shape our size range to your needs. Sizing can be frustrating and confusing, as every company seems to have different sizes that fit differently. Our goal is to help you find clothing that truly fit, regardless of the tag. Taking our style quiz is the best way to help us know how to best provide beauty into your wardrobe. If you have any concerns, feel free to reach us on our contact page.

Do you offer plus size styling?

Absolutely! We believe every body and every shape can enjoy clothing and beauty in their wardrobe.

How soon will I get my style parcel?

Processing can take up to 7 days and shipping will take 5-10 business days.