"The Style Parcel" is our best seller and the heart of our business. This parcel contains four items customized to your sizes, tastes, and needs.  Every body is unique, and we want to support each client in finding what works for their body. Whether that's the perfect new dress and heels or a new business blazer and pants, we hope to blow you away by the quality, affordability, and customization within your style parcel.  

This product can also include styling for plus, petite, tall, and/or curvy. 

Total cost is $50. Of that, styling fee is $20 and included in the price. 
That leaves $30 for the clothes. For 4 items, that's an average of $7.5 per item. 

If you choose to purchase, a stylist will reach out to you as soon as possible in order to better understand you or your loved one's needs. The default style parcel contains 3 clothing items and 1 accessory items until specified otherwise when purchasing.


We package and ship all our products in compostable bags and with 100% recycled packaging. All our products are cleaned with the highest quality of hypoallergenic detergent. 


At this time, we can only provide 15 of these parcels a month. If this item is out of stock, but you wish to be waitlisted, please email oakandgingerclothing@gmail.com or contact us via the website.

The Style Parcel

SKU: 0002
Price Options
One-time purchase
$50.00monthly/ 3 months
    • 4 customized items to your style
    • Styling suggestions & feedback 
    • Styling fee 
    • Hypoallergically cleaned 
    • Biodegradable & Compostable Packaging
    • 100% recycled packing products