The Top or Bottom Request is a simple and straightforward way to add specificity to your wardrobe without the cost or ethical dilemna of brand store. Maybe you aren't looking to build your sense of fashion or your wardrobe; just trying to find that crop-top in a floral print or a pair of dark grey slacks. Let us find it for you!  This product does not include any styling suggestion or tips. Just clothes from us to you.


Total cost is $10 for a single item.


This product can also include items for plus, petite, tall, and/or curvy for women, and  items for plus, tall, short, and slim for men. For any other needs or self-identifiers, please reach out to us personally at 


We package and ship all our products in compostable bags and with 100% recycled packaging.  All our products are cleaned with the highest quality of hypoallergenic detergent.

The Top or Bottom Request

    • Dress or Jeans
    • Hypoallergically cleaned 
    • Biodegradable & Compostable Packaging
    • 100% recycled packing products