Who We Are

and why we do what we do

I remember turning to my husband with the words: "Wouldn't it be wonderful to make a company where everything was thrifted and you weren't supporting some unethical practice without knowing it? And that actually helped people understand how to dress and supported people's own bodies? I know so many people who just don't know where to start... The fashion industry is awful, and all these styling services are so expensive and frustrating - I bet I could do what they do and provide better service at half the cost."

 "Why don't you?" was his response. 

Two weeks later, Ginger & Oak was born. 


Aaron & Annalise Highley are a husband and wife duo who live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Together they own the company, and manage the business.

Aaron is an engineer at a local industry in the north-west corners of Indiana. He is the financial and problem-solving brains behind Ginger & Oak - the constant pillar of support and continuous improvement. 


Annalise is a competitive amatuer latin dancer, prose writer, and currently pursuing a career in Clinical Psychology. She is the one who writes "love" on every post, wraps all the styling parcels, and is now known by sight in most thrifts stores throughout the Michiana area. 

Their passion for Ginger & Oak is fueled by their fundamental belief that each and every body is valuable (regardless of how one thinks they appear) and that the knowledge and ability to enjoy clothing and one's own body is a skill - not inherent.  The Highley's own passions can summed up in Ginger & Oak's personal model: every human body and their clothes should support who they are, what their needs are, and the beautiful way their body already exists.

"We're still learning," laughs Annalise when asked about the business, "but we've been blown away by the love and thankfulness of our clients. If we can touch at least one life in a way that helps see fashion and themselves as something sustainable and valuable, then we've done everything we set out to do with Ginger & Oak." 

You can reach either Aaron or Annalise at the company's email of gingerandoakclothing@gmail.com.